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Spending the day knee deep in corn is just common around here!

Just wrapping on the HDNET concert serious with the band KORN who created full size crop circles in a corn field up in Bakersfield California there home town. Working with Big Shot Camera Cranes using the Akela and Akela Jr. camera cranes at 56' and 86' respectively to get those one of a kind 'eye in the sky' shots and being able to show off the entire crop circles.


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Sunday, July 11 2010. Korn III -- Remember Who You Are.
Korn is once again reinventing itself and doing something completely innovative, nine albums and two decades into its incredible career. The band will perform for an hour and twenty minutes inside the mysterious crop circle that was recently revealed in the final installment of a viral web campaign. The band worked closely with longtime UK-based circle makers,, on the shadowy design which features a series of intricate circles, one of which includes the iconic Korn logo, and stretches over 920 feet long and 350 feet wide. The concert event, which is a first for a rock band, takes inspiration from the eerie atmosphere of Pink Floyd's legendary "Live at Pompei."



Let The Guilt Go

Pop A Pill




Here To Stay

Falling Away From Me






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16 Second Stare

Music Video



Music Video


Hittin' The Bricks

Movie Trailer

Shooting the hottest up and coming bands is what the Action Film Crew does best. Shot at El Mirage lakebed on a very windy day and different locations around Los Angeles.   Even Swedish bands employ the uses of the Action Film Crew. Once again shot at El Mirage lakebed and Las Vegas.   Set in the world of the Spanish Harlem music scene, "Hitting The Bricks" is about Fuego, an ex-con striving to become the next Daddy Yankee. His friend from prison, Tiburon, has become a drug king pin. He offers Fuego money and power, but in exchange Fuego has to deliver his sexy model cousin Eva. When Eva's boyfriend Mello hears of this, he steps in to try stopping this from coming to a tragic end.

La Petit Resturant



Civil War Reinactment

Documentary Footage


UAGF Fighting

Sporting Events

Shot for the La Petit resturant for local commericals appx 3 years ago.  

Shooting stock raw stock footage for HGTV, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel is just another aspect of what we provide.


Shooting all types of live sporting events from Ultimate Fighting, PGA Golf Tour, Tennis, NHRA drag racing. We can handle any Indoor/Outdoor events.






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